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Planning for Action - Night of Citizenship (Plano de Ação - Noite da Cidadania)

Planning for an Action Meeting of Brazilian Congregations on Federal Legislation for National Immigration Reform and State Legislation on Drivers Licenses

I. Planning and Logistics

1.     Date - Pastor Oswaldo informed that the Catholic Church in Framingham will be holding a big event on June 15th. Immediately we decided to change the date for June 22 at 6 PM. We went to visit the BRACE place. It was closed. 

2.     Site and number of seats and parking - High School of Framingham

3.     Microphones and podiums - Elias Monteiro / Osvaldo will take care of the sound system.

II. Turnout goals from each Congregational

            Alvo Participantes - Mínimo 600 - Next meeting will discuss the strategies for advertisement. We are sure all radio programmers will support the movement. 

III. Agenda and leadership roles

A.    Speaking Roles for pastors and lay leaders

Co-Chairs - We are calling coordinators. They will decide. Opened to suggestions

Prayers, Presentation of Issues, Testimonies, Questions to Officials, Next Steps, Translators

B.    Floor Leadership Team for pastors and lay leaders

Parking, Greeters, Ushers, Sign-in’s, Collect Interest Cards, Lead spirit and applause Not covered yet

     C. Agenda packet—Agenda, Fact Sheet, translated version
                        Not covered yet

IV. Invitations to Congressman and Senators and follow up
Senator Warren and Senator Cowin
Congressman Markey  for Framingham, for others depends on congregations participating
State Officials---Senator Karen Spilka, Representative Tom Sannicandro, Representative Chris Walsh, Representative Thomas Conroy and maybe others can be invited who represent other areas….

Lewis will prepare and give orientation on these letters. Ilma Paixao has very good contact with politicians. Salum will talk to her. Hopefully she will be able to attend the next meeting.

V. Media coverage
Immigrant media
Other media—Boston Globe, Metro West Daily News, TV Stations Channels 4,5, 7, 25, NECN, Univision, Municipal Cable

Not covered yet

VI. Other

VII. Next Meeting and involving lay leaders Not covered yet

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