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Campanha Aumento Salário Mínimo



Dear Friend,

Massachusetts Communities Action NetworkWe are on the verge of getting onto the 2014 ballot towards getting the highest minimum wage in the country and the strongest sick time policy. We have collected 150,000 signatures so far.

We need your help to get across the finish line to collect the full 226,000 signatures to get these two popular issues on the ballot. 

This email is meant for those of you who live in Massachusetts. I am sorry to bother the others of you as I'm pulling out all stops to reach people on my lists.

We are in the last few weeks of the campaign to raise the Minimum Wage for 650,000 low wage earners from $8 to $10.50 an hour and for close to 1 million people who do not have Earned Sick Days in their jobs now. This is a chance to stand in solidarity with and improve the lives of 1 million people in Massachusetts.

There is a huge Raise Up MA coalition of over 100 organizations and unions collecting signatures. I'm proud that our Massachusetts Communities Action Network (MCAN) organization has organized a big share thus far collecting over 32,000 of these 150,000 signatures.

If we get the signatures by November 20, then the Legislature must either pass this or we will put it on the ballot for a binding vote in November 2014.

Here's how you can help during the last month:
  1. Volunteer 1.5 or more hours to cover a polling place on Election Day on November 5 to get signatures from voters as they leave the polls. All cities in the state have elections on November 5 so we can place you at a polling place in your city or a city nearby to you. Please email me at and we'll find a place for you.
  2. If you can collect 10 or more signatures, we'll send you petitions. You can collect from friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, people who go to your religious congregation, etc.
    Please email me at and we will mail you petitions on minimum wage and earned sick days.
I appreciate your considering this request.


Lew Finfer, Director
Massachusetts Communities Action Network
(617) 822-1499

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